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Whoo…!! Friday again and I am feeling a tad miserable. Well I am not exactly miserable, but I am not looking forward to the weekend… this being the highly overrated and much dreaded month-end weekend.
Which is kind of strange, seeing as we got paid… yesterday. Yeah, the salary is in the bank and I now have more money than I know what to do with. Hahaha… and if you believe that, I suggest you put down that zol (joint) you’ve been smoking and come back down to earth!
Come to think of it… it is this very money that is the source of my discontent. I never seem to have enough of it and that which I earn has already been earmarked for paying bills such as the utilities, buying food, car payments, petrol, credit card payments, etc… yeah all the necessary trappings that make my life possible.
Fuckit… just for once I wish that my earnings can remain in my bank account for a little while longer than necessary and that the things I absolutely have to pay account for less than half of what I earn. I hate parting with my money. I earned it and want to spend it on fun things like I used to when I was younger and not tied down by responsibility.
Apparently, earning more money is also not the solution, because the more you earn, I am given to believe, the more extravagant your lifestyle becomes and the nature of your expenses increases proportionally. Damn… welcome to the vicious cycle and earning and spending and discontent.
“Let me tell you son”, my Dad used to say (after he had his 5th glass of whiskey), “You can never have enough money and even when you think you have enough, there is always more to be made”. Yeah, dad… great advice… I think your forgot the part where money does not necessarily equal happiness and content. On second thought, these days you may just be able to do just that. Everything has a price… I tell you!
Aahh, I suppose I could budget and spend more wisely, but where is the fun in that?!
Anyway… enough of my pondering for now. I’ve got to get rid of the gloom, put on my Friday afternoon fun-guy face and live for the moment. I am meeting the mates later this afternoon at the pub… yep… things are guaranteed to look a lot better after the 3rd glass. (wink wink)
Bottoms up!


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Radio DJ wins $10.6 million in stink over perfume

The verdict awarded her $7 million in punitive damages, $2 million in mental anguish and emotional distress and $1.6 million for past and future compensation after a six-woman jury in U.S. District Court in Detroit spent eight days deliberating.
Weber claimed exposure to Tresor caused her to lose her voice and take lengthy absences from work. She also said she once “felt an electric shock quell through my entire body” and required heavy medication to combat the effects.

Is the American judicial system out of control?

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One of the few joys of being an uncle is that you are always the cooler than the parents. But that coolness comes with strings attached, as I recently came to understand.
My nephew Keenan is 12 years old and just at that age where he is starting to notice that girls are well… more than mere playmates. Aaahh… I remember the good old days… when I was an angst-ridden hormonal freak… too young to be a man and too old to be a mere boy. Thank God those days are over!
Now from my experience I know that boys will leave it until the last minute to get help and that it takes a lot more to get them to talk than girls. So when me nephew came to speak to me about a little problem he has with a girl… I knew that it was serious… to him at least.
I know as little about women today as when I myself was 12 years old. But I have lrealised that half the things I worried about when I was a teen rarely ever came to be and looking back, I wish that I had been less anxious and had learnt to laugh at life and my problems more. That’s hindsight for you… hehehe.

His problem; There is a girl that he really likes, but is too shy to speak to her. He is scared he will make a fool of himself and that she won’t like him. He reckons his buddies are far more adapt (aren’t they always?) at speaking to girls and he is scared that if word got out that he is too scared to talk to girls, they might think that he is not cool and a loser. What should he do?

Oy..!! I am prolly the last person he should be asking for advice. I still get a little nervous when I am around women and discover and learn new things about them every day.
My first reaction was to make light of the situation and get him to talk to his parents instead. Sounded like a good plan, but I also realised that this could be one of those situations where a little humour would do more damage than good.
And besides, I am his uncle dammit and I wanted the boy to feel that he can come to me whenever he needed advice or someone to talk to. I am such a hero!
So here’s what I told him: Firstly, his mates are not as good at talking to girls as they pretend to be. Boys of their age, rarely are. They are just as nervous as he is and too worry that they may say stupid things.
Secondly, girls don’t necessarily expect or want a boy who is super-smooth and always says the right things. If they do, then perhaps they are a little weird themselves.
Thirdly, not to worry too much about the talking part and rather concentrate on being a good listener. Being listened to is something everyone, including the girl he really likes, finds flattering. And if he doesn’t worry about it, confidence and talking will come naturally.
Fourthly, you are never going to get all the girls you want. Some girls will like you back while others won’t. The trick, I told him, is not to take it too personally, not to lose hope and not to spend too much time thinking about what could have been.
I wonder if what I said to him makes any sense and if the advice is any good at all. For what it’s worth, it came from the heart and I really want to see the kid fit in and enjoy life.
Did I navigate the slipstream?!

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Liverpool’s miraculous 3-2 victory over AC Milan in the UEFA Champions League makes me very happy.
It does!!

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In a creepy post to his journal, Simon Ng posted about how a visitor to his house made him feel uncomfortable and hoped he would leave soon. A couple of hours later Simon and his older sister were dead, murdered by the visitor.
Read more in Newsday.

Link via: Drakk

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It is 12 PM and I am outta here. Fuggit… I have an appointment at the Department of Home Affairs, a place I like to refer to as the The Great Equaliser. No matter who you are… rich, poor, big, small, man woman, chlid… you become but a mere set of numbers when you walk into a Home Affairs office. My appointment, and I use the term lightly, can take anything from 1 to 5 hours depending on how many asses I am willing to kiss and how desperate I am to get what I want. Hell, I could be there until my next birthday.

In the meantime, here’s some useless information to occupy the busy mind:

  • Can’t find the right word? You might want to start moving your hands. New research at the University of Alberta suggests that gesturing while you talk may improve your access to language.

Ha… I am not totally convinced. People always claim that they do not understand me, and I look like a traffic officer at a busy intersection when I speak.
Yet, having said that…some hand gestures speak volumes… no words needed. I like those.

More: Hand Gestures Linked To Better Speaking

  • Next time they call it a box office hit… consider this:
    …nowadays, as dazzling as the “boffo,” “socko,” and “near-record” figures may seem to the media and other number fetishists, they have little real significance other than to measure the effectiveness of the studios’ massive expenditures on ads.

    More: Forget about the box office.

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Monday afternoon and all is still well in the realm of the 9-2-5 slaves. Best of all, I am still smiling. I had me quite a memorable weekend.
My Friday night at the movies was great and I felt like a teenager again. Yeah, I was the wide-eyed 20-something year old with the big grin and the adrenalin high… hehe. The movie did not disappoint, but I am not going to bore you with yet another boring review. Suffice it to say that special effects and fight scenes were outta this bloody world, the story was fantastic, my questions got answered and despite some mediocre acting, the coolness factor was well… ice cool. I give it an 8/10.
In the words of the inimitable Master Yoda, “Done well, George Lucas has”.
I went to a party at a friend’s on Saturday night. It was a great party. I drank too much, which is almost nothing by anyone’s standards, but that comes as no surprise or cause for concern. Compared to some of the people who were there I am a lightweight and merely a baby when it comes to the quantity I can consume.
Anyway, my friend Josh had an accident courtesy of too many shooters and an assortment of jelly shots. He managed to fall out of a tree in the backyard and broke his leg in the process. How he got up the tree in the first place is beyond me, but I have to on good authority that it involved a certain girl and a displaced sense of machismo. Jackass! We had to take him to the hospital where they patched up and sent him home. Luckily for him the alcohol had the desired numbing effect and he suffered very little pain, if any at all … which was a bit of an anti-climax for the sadist in me. If you are going to disrupt a good party and if you are stupid enough to fall out of a tree I want to see you writhing pain. Act if you have to… milk it for what it’s worth… but make it worthwhile, dammit.
On Sunday spent the day reacquainting myself with my Canon Rebel XT (Canon EOS 350D). It is a truly remarkable little camera with many great features and custom functions. I took about a fifty great shots and will process them with the help of the digital software on my pc. Sad thing is my printer has packed up and I cannot get the blue cartridge to work. I tried to print one or two pics and they were all tinted a horrible “barbie” pink. I have neglected my interest in photography which is a shame and I should actually post some of my pictures on here.
Should be good for a few giggles at least!

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